My Career

My name is Neil Hipkiss I started  my career at the BBC as a 22 year old working in Network Radio in London in 1984. I moved to BBC Bristol a few years later, where I worked originally as an assistant dubbing mixer and foley artist. In 1988/89 I moved on to working as a dubbing mixer.

I was one of the first BBC dubbing mixers to use the digital work station Audiofile, for which my inovation earnt me a BAFTA nomination in 1989

in 1992 I left the BBC to work in Hong Kong, where I was responsible for the introduction of digital editing and audio systems for post production.  I designed and built three dubbing theatres,  based around AMS Neve Audiofile and Logic desks.  When the company expanded I worked for a while in Bangkok, Thailand building two dubbing theatres for a start up post production facility.

In 1997 I returned to Bristol and worked at Films at 59 as a mixer, then in 2001 I stared my own sound studio called Master Tracks, which eventually became Big Bang Post Production.

in 2009, with the improvements in technology and the the interenet  I moved one of my dubbing theatres from Bristol to Cornwall, to live the “The Good Life”  and continued to work remotely and in Bristol, tracklaying at my studio in Cornwall and mixing in Bristol.

As time progressed I became based in Cornwall full time, where I am today.