Over the 30 years there are too many individual credits to list. So here’s a few

Natural History 

The Natural Word 1990 onwards – BBC – mixer, sound design, foley    Emmy Winner in 2014 for sound design, more than 20 programmes

i have worked on many David Attenborough programmes, such at Trials Of Life and Natural World

I am now the main duddjng editor / mixer for most of the out put of the RSPB, who I have been working  closely with for about 15 years

I was involved in the on line service Arkive  for over 10 years, where I tracklayer and mixed all of their clips



Floyd on France, Britain, USA  – BBC –  assistant mixer and foley artist, where my career started

Time Shift – BBC – over 90 programmes

Shaun the sheep Aardman – ADR

Angry Kid – Aardman – mixer


The One Show – BBC – inserts


more to follow